The Problem With Performance Enhancing Drugs

Roger Clemens

Performance Enhancing Drugs & The MLB

The Major League Baseball (MLB) association has had numerous issues with steroids and HGH, considering Alex Rodriguez is now looking at a long ban from the League, along with 12 other players.  The final talks happened not long ago and Commissioner Bud Selig had stopped all negotiations.  Alex Rodriguez has never failed a drug test, and plans to not accept the 50-game ban most of the other 12 players are receiving.  This is a problem that they need to address or be faced with declining MLB tickets sales with dissatisfied fans. According to sources within Rodriguez’s circle, he is stepping up to fight the MLB in arbitration, and that he has no interest in a settlement.

In my opinion, performance enhancing drugs should get a permanent ban, not because of the health related issues, psychological issues, etc. but because it’s a rule they have set and they cannot shy away based on the popularity of a particular player.  A-Rod made the decision to take these performance enhancing drugs, what is the point of arguing and fighting with them?  It does not make sense to me how players these days can still think about taking a performance enhancing drug and think they can get away with it, with random screened drug tests on the regular by the administration officials. Again, they are going to get slammed with fans purchasing MLB tickets for sale online if they do not address the drug problem in professional baseball.

Financially, this issue will cost A-Rod $34.2 million dollars, and he also has $25 million that is supposed to be coming his way in 2014. A-Rod does not deserve that $34.2 million dollars, he made the choice to take performance enhancing drugs, if anything that money should be donated to a good charity instead of going back into the organization. The ball will not really go “that” much further, why risk the potential to make $34.2 million dollars, still hit the occasional home run that would, and work every single day possible. Proper diet and workout routine are critical in muscle gain, these guys were gaming the system and they got caught.