Marketing Strategy


What is Marketing?

In today’s world of business, it’s essential to have assets both in the tangible and in the digital formats;, most importantly, that these myriad of assets work together in continuity to form efficient and harmonious structures. This structure model of assets is the foundation for the business to operate and run their enterprise. In the Digital Era, the most difficult component of this foundation is the marketing strategy and deciding which tools the enterprise will rely on to implement their custom marketing strategy. The key to success for any business is to have the right strategy to ensure that the tools reflect the wisdom of the marketing strategy itself. Therein lies the problem – there exists a plethora of strategies and a litany of tools to choose from. Further complicating the process, every expert in the world has their interpretation of the best strategies available and logical reasons to justify their position. To be sure, very few businesses are actually approaching their marketing and producing results with efficiency.

The most important aspect of any marketing campaign in the Digital Era is to have a very strong organic and natural approach with search engine optimization (SEO) built-in at the heart of everything that occurs in each channel of the marketing-mix. Further, by having an SEO digital marketing strategy as the heart of the business model, with active channels integrated throughout, businesses are able to attribute marketing spend to actual revenue. It’s essential to track every single dollar of the marketing budget directly to each point of revenue to understand how well those scarce resources are being spent, the successes of each campaign, and the impact to the overall business strategy itself. This inherent architecture of accountability will forever change the way that businesses compete and market their products and services online.  Most importantly, those businesses with the superior product will only truly succeed when they have the SEO digital marketing to support their sales ambitions.

The adage has commonly been stated, “The best business with the best product does not always win,” as the communication is established and maintained through each of the marketing channels used throughout the enterprise. Clearly stated, the company with the best marketing wins, not the company with the best product. Thus, it is imperative to have the best marketing model, modular in design, in place ready to scale as business activities grow and revenue continues to increase. Companies with superior marketing, such as Zappos!, have proved their models and expanded their activities to include new practices unseen by competitors throughout the market. These unique practices have provided companies such as Zappos! with revenue enhancements that have yielded incredible return on investments for their marketing spend. Therefore, it is essential to track the dollars that are spent, have proper reporting built into the business intelligence systems throughout the enterprise, and analyze the results of each campaign for the business strategy.

Lastly, in order to develop, architect, implement, and maintain the best and most efficient business strategy in 2013, the concentration must rest in the proper SEO digital marketing set-up for a foundation to build the online strategy and inbound marketing efforts. This foundation must consist of strong digital assets, with SEO used and applied through each of the content marketing channels, consisting of regular updates to signals throughout the Internet on a daily basis.  The most efficient business strategies use organic marketing on Google as their approach to SEO digital marketing, with the remainder of the search engines following the 800 pound gorilla founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These strategies are further augmented with social media marketing, social bookmarking, press releases, and a variety of other SEO tools, technologies, and platforms.  This is the basis of the foundation necessary for basic SEO digital marketing and applicable to almost any company in 2013 and beyond.