Lebron Leaving Miami?

Will Lebron James Leave Miami?

The Miami Heat are expected to have another winning season this year, with all of their major players returning in uniform. Many are speculating that the Heat may win another championship this year, completing their three-peat. But there is also a bit of speculation about LeBron’s expiring contract in 2014. He will become a free agent, which means that he would be allowed to sign with any team of his choosing. Since he has already had such tremendous success with the Miami Heat, there seems little incentive for him to go. That won’t stop some of the top teams in the league from trying to lure him away.

No Contract Extension In Sight

There have been many speculating about why LeBron hasn’t yet signed an extension to his contract. Some people seem to think that he will just keep his options open until he can sign a better deal with the Heat next summer. But others are genuinely concerned about a few issues emerging with the Heat. Many have noted that teammate Dwyane Wade has been suffering some injuries over the past couple seasons with the team. It could be that LeBron is concerned that Wade won’t be able to stay healthy throughout the duration of his next contract signing with the Heat.

Back To Cleveland?

Some have even thought about whether LeBron would want to return to his hometown in Cleveland and reunite with his old fan base there. But right now, this is just speculation since there is no concrete evidence of this happening. For now, LeBron seems to be focusing on winning another championship with his team. If you are a fan of the team, you may want to buy Heat tickets online and come out to show your support. This could be the best way for fans in Miami to help ensure that LeBron sticks around for a long time to come.