Tough Road Ahead For Bruins

Why the Boston Bruins Have a Tough Time Ahead

It may be too early to call it, but it cannot be argued that the Boston Bruins have a tough schedule ahead of them. Despite winning six of the nine games they have played, the Bruins have not shown that they are at the top of their game, as they have been criticized for lacking enthusiasm and fire. Furthermore, their next couple of games could prove to be difficult, playing the Devils and the Penguins, who have both showcased an impressive start to the new NHL season. Whilst the Bruins have been accumulating a number of wins, they have struggled to hit the high numbers that the fans are so used to.

Iginla’s Performance Debatable

It has been argued that the Bruins may be set back due to Jarome Iginla having a slow start to the season. Iginla has been criticzed for scoring his goals in bunches, if at all. Fans who buy Boston Bruins tickets argue that although that he has been a positive influence on the team despite his lack of goals. If the Boston Bruins wish to uphold their reputation as one of the top dogs in the NHL, then they really ought to start playing catch up with their numbers. They are currently two points behind The Toronto Maple Leafs on the league table, and whilst this may not seem much of a difference, The Toronto Maple Leafs’ have a few relatively easy games ahead of them. If you want to see if the Boston Bruins can pull through and triumph the NHL league, then witness a game for yourself, research online ticketing agencies for the best prices in your area.