Steelers Stomp Ravens

Pittsburg Steelers Win Against Baltimore Ravens

It is blatantly obvious that the Pittsburg Steelers have had a shaky start this season. They have had a lot to live up to, given their disappointing performance last season, and whilst they are not there yet, they triumphed over the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday.
The success has had a number of different factors linked to it, although it is most likely due to their dominance in the game, often holding their own with each possession. They began playing with the type of confidence that is usually found in the Bengals. The Steelers offensive running game has gotten significantly better than in the season prior; the offense now dominates the field due as they attain the cohesiveness they have been lacking.

Suisham Wins the Game

With the final score coming in at 19-16, it was definitely a close one. The winning goal came from Shaun Suisham. The play was a 42-yard kick, which both shocked and delighted fans of the Steelers. However, Suisham is not the only one worthy of credit. The entire team deserves credit as they worked as a coherent and capable able team, attacking the Ravens throughout the game. Whilst the Steelers are still 381 points below the Bengals, it will give the team and the fans a much needed boost in morale.

With the added momentum, now is a surefire time to buy Pittsburg Steelers Tickets online. The web offers the best experience for even the most elementary of computer users. After last week’s big “W”, it will be interesting to see if Pittsburg can keep up the momentum.