DeMarco Murray Injury Report

DeMarco Murray to Return Following an Injury

After missing out on the last two games with a sprained left knee, DeMarco Murray is looking to return to the Dallas Cowboys roster for this coming Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions. Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said on his weekly radio show that Murray and a few other injured players like Miles Austin ran very well during practice on Monday. This should be encouraging to those looking for fans holding Dallas Cowboys tickets.

Murray’s Road to Recovery

Murray practiced in shoulder pads during his Monday session and appeared to be very strong and productive on the field during his session. However, he wore sweat pants instead of standard football pants while practicing. This might have been done as a means of playing it safe so he will not get into any trouble while practicing.
He also got to perform in some individual drills during the start of the practice session. This is a step above Austin and Dez Bryant in that neither of those two took part in that part of the practice session.

The Cowboys Need Murray for Victory

There is a good potential that Murray will be the top running back for the Cowboys during Sunday’s game. Although Lance Dunbar has worked particularly well while filling in for Murray at running back, his own health status is questionable at this moment. Therefore, Murray’s return to the Cowboys could potentially come at the ideal time as the Cowboys take on a team with one of the toughest ground defenses in the league.
DeMarco Murray has been relatively productive this season. He has 4.7 yards per carry and three rushing touchdowns this season as well as 24 receptions. People looking for Dallas Cowboys tickets may be able to catch him in this Sunday’s game at Ford Field in Detroit as well as the Cowboys’ next home game. That game will be on November 3 and will be against the Minnesota Vikings.