NBPA President

Lebron James – President NBPA

LeBron James aka “King James” power forward for the Miami Heat National Basketball Association (NBA) has been known to do charity work throughout his career with both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. James, back in his hometown of Akron, Ohio has been there doing some Charity work for the LeBron James Family Foundation I PROMISE Family Reunion, was there donating backpacks, bicycles, and clothing for school uniforms.  According to James, he is thinking of taking the role of President of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), which is the labor union that represents NBA players started in 1954. This is currently a vacant Presidency, as Derek Fisher retired his position as President of the NBPA.

LeBron is taking on a huge responsibility if he actually does consider this position, as it requires a lot of time and effort for taking the position, he obviously feels confident in the ability to take this responsibility along with playing full time for the Heat, so buy Miami Heat Tickets online today! I think if LeBron did end up taking on this role as the President of the NBPA, he could really make some powerful moves for the players of the National Basketball Association and possibly prevent another issue of having a Lockout in their Sport and potentially interrupting another season. The NBPA is there for the players’ rights and protection to ensure they make enough money, considering these players have not always had the luxuries they have today.  Back when the NBPA was created, NBA players could not survive solely on the salaries they were making off playing basketball alone.

LeBron is not like a lot of other players and he is actually smart with his money.  Growing up and playing in the NBA at such a young age, he turned to his friends to help him with his financials, telling them to go to School and graduate if they wanted to work with him and his money.  He sent some of his friends to Law school, accounting, etc. and he continues give and donate and have charity events helping out kids who are in need. LeBron grew up without a father, which is probably why he is so passionate about helping kids in need.