Medical office leasing in VA: Why you should rent, use a broker and how the market is performing.

Medical Office Leasing in VA, Why you should rent, use a broker and how the market is performing.

Building offices can be costly and a large headache. Being a business owner has its own, unique types of issues. Having to pay for a new building and oversee the project takes a lot of time and a huge commitment. There are several reasons why renting or leasing from a medical building for a Medical practice or dental practice is ideal.

1. The current real estate market in VA and why you should rent
The overall housing market in Virginia is doing well. There has been a steady growth. This shows that houses and businesses are being bought or rented. Rental affordability has improved and will keep improving. Over the last five years the market has seen growth, it looks as though this trend will continue. Delaplane, Arlington, Vienna, Quantico, and Alexandria have the best markets and the prices are still climbing in these areas especially. With the market doing so well means that people are settling in the area. This will ensure that more businesses, like doctors and dentists, will be needed in the area.
Renting or leasing can be an easy way to have your own business without the cost. Here are a few reasons you should rent or lease.
-There is less cost up front. Construction is very expensive and can take a long time to complete. Often while your new office is being built, you would still need to rent or lease while waiting for construction to be completed. This will double your monthly costs for months up to a year.
-Generally, medical buildings are already well equipped. If you are just starting your business this could help with over all costs. Medical equipment is another aspect of business that is costly.
-These buildings or offices are already built in high traffic, popular areas. If these buildings are already established it could be easier to grow your patient base. 
-These established buildings are more convenient for patients. Patients prefer to have their doctors or dentists within close proximity to one another. It saves them time.
-Renting or leasing leaves the landlord responsible for equipment and repairs. Unless equipment can be bought new, it will require repairs.

2. How the market has changed and how it will continue to change.
The market has changed over the years for a variety of reasons. Much like everything else technology has had a hand in this. The way businesses operate has also played a part. For instance, space requirements are changing. Some businesses are not requiring as much space as they once did. This could be because some business is going digital or companies are trying to keep smaller staff.
There are some real positives to the changes in the way the market functions. The internet has changed how individuals or companies are searching for properties. Largely gone are the days where clients would go to offices to look through listings with a real estate agent. You can now search listings and information on properties prior to leaving your current location. This allows clients to search properties in the comfort of their own space. To bring in business real estate agents and brokers have made their own businesses better. Service has now become higher quality and more personalized. The internet also allows people to find better real estates agents or brokers. This is what is driving agents and brokers to have better business practices. If an agent is not easy to work with, they will likely have a difficult time gaining and keeping clients.
Other changes are that homeowners and renters, including business renters, are being more cautious and careful choosing residences or buildings for lease and rent. Properties are selling quickly. Some only stay on the market long enough for paperwork to be done, which can be as little as 20 days. Markets can move at a break neck pace that is hard to keep up with. Another change to market is that businesses and would be homeowners are more willing to rent than buy. 

3. Why you should use real estate agents and brokers rather than going at it alone.
There are several reasons that real estate agents or brokers are the best way to rent or lease a building or office. Not everyone is well versed in contracts or lease agreements. Broker or real estates agents help negotiate contracts with the landlord. This can save time and confusion for all involved. They also help with the paperwork that is involved. There can be piles of paperwork associated with one lease. Since leases vary from landlord to landlord or building to building, using a real estate agent or broker will ensure you find the best deal for you. Again, it also helps clear up any confusion when looking from building to building. Brokers also have your nest interest, while listing agents are there to protect landlords. Agents and brokers save you time. Not only do they know the market, they have information on what properties are for rent or where they are. They also have great connections. Keep all this in mind when looking for a place to lease or someone to help you lease it.

4. The residential and commercial markets in VA
Rent for buildings in Virginia are at a great price. They are also showing a steady incline but are still reasonable rates. More companies are leasing, which is helping make a stronger market. The median sales price for residential properties is $265,700. That is $156 per square foot. The median rent for residential properties is $1,500 a month. Seventy-six percent of the homes are owned in the state. To rent or lease a commercial property, there are leases as low as $0.75 a square foot. 

Both the residential and commercial markets are strong and growing steadily. Make certain that you use a broker or real estate agent as a buffer between you and the landlord. They can also help you find the best property that can work for your dental office or private practice.

AC and Commercial HVAC Systems Installation

If the time has come for you to purchase a new residential HVAC system in Sandy Springs, you may be wondering what the differences are between the different types of systems. This quick overview will help you determine which unit may best fit your home’s needs, your personal preferences and your budget. Your budget will help determine which Northern VA HVAC systems in Fairfax you wish to use.

Packaged Systems

If your home is very small, you may not have enough space to install an HVAC system that uses multiple separate components and systems. In this case, you 

will probably decide to purchase a packaged heating and air conditioning system. Packaged systems combine the air conditioner or heat pump with the evaporator or fan coil, creating one compact unit to save space. These units can be used to heat a small home or a large studio space. Despite being smaller, they still include a thermostat control panel and

can be fitted with air purifiers, ventilators and other accessories to improve the air quality in your home.

Split Systems

Split heating and air conditioning systems are the most common ones found in residential homes. Split systems have components inside and outside of 

the building and typically include several parts. The first step is the air conditioner that cools refrigerant, which is then converted by the furnaces and a fan so it can circulate the air. Internal ducts are used to carry the air through you home. The system also includes a control panel for you to manage the temperature and may have optional 

accessories such as air purifiers, UV lamps or humidifiers.

Duct-Free Split Systems

If you can’t install a conventional HVAC system, a duct-free system will likely be your best choice for a new residential HVAC system in Sandy 

Springs. Like traditional systems, duct-free units have a heat pump or air conditioner to heat and cool the refrigerant, a thermostat control panel and optional air quality accessories. Unlike traditional units, duct-free systems use a compact fan coil and wires and tubing to connect the outdoor unit to the coil.

Hybrid Split Systems

If you’re into modern technology, you may be interested in the hybrid split system. The modern take on traditional HVAC systems makes the energy used work more efficiently. An ideal hybrid system will have several components, including a heat pump for heating and cooling the refrigerant and a furnace and evaporator coil to convert and circulate it. Air ducts, a temperature control panel and optional air quality accessories are also typical.

Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right HVAC system for your home depends on several factors. Consider how large your home is and how hot it typically gets during the summer months. You should also think about where the unit will be installed and of course, how much money you can afford to spend.

If you still aren’t sure which type of new residential HVAC system in Sandy Springs to purchase, it is important to talk to professionals like the technicians at Cool Air Mechanical. Professionals will be able to help you choose the right system as well as schedule installation and even provide maintenance on a regular schedule.

AC and Commercial HVAC Systems Installation

Corporate house and large buildings need to the maintain healthy air quality, temperature and atmosphere for the comfort life of the people who are inside it for this reasons buildings have installing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioner) a central systems while in small area likes the home and office compartment Air Conditioner of the various capacity and
types installing.

HVAC installing for maintaining heating, ventilation or cooling inside of thelarge buildings, several parts of the buildings and the compartments of the buildings and it is central systems while Air Conditioner installing for the single rooms or individual sections of buildings and all this systems are the commonly uses in almost everywhere.

What to know about AC and HVAC?

Few Features are important to know before installation, Lots of the electronic companies are manufacture HVAC and Air Conditioner in various capacity according the requirement, it need to the know about the several features of this both systems for effective use the several important job of the system are need to know before installation any systems are the size and capacity, air flow, approx electrical bill, etc.

Generally, installation service contractor and companies are examine the proper area and suggest the best option for AC and HVAC Installation along it energy consumption, capacity of cooling, and maintenance of HVAC and Air Conditioner are also basic features with details for the necessary.

Why Need Expert for System Installation?

While you understand the details about the systems and decide the best equipment for the buildings, now the important work is arranging in properly and not remain any leakages in drainage (in HVAC) otherwise the cooling and heating escape outside so not take the proper cooling inside the rooms or electrical bill is increasing!

Expert persons have the experience in HVAC and AC installation, they are tied by the proper tools and after installing they checked every compartments or room for temperature, air flow and ventilation by digital tools so any mistakes or leakages if presents are removed. Commonly the mechanic person was taking a training for his job so the surety of qualitative works.

Especially, when HVAC installation in large area or many block is a really complicated and much probability to remain mistake and any single mistake are effects on work efficiency of the systems and you observing that not balanced in inner outer air flow, not proper cooling, high electricity bill etc.

It should be recommended, you think HVAC or AC installation it always done with expert mechanics because this man done the task proper and no risk about the mistake and surety about work perfect.

AC or HVAC are important equipment are controlling the atmosphere and temperature in properly inside the room or building and it installation by the experience person for accurate in work because any single mistake responsible of poor working of the system.

HVAC Control Systems Providing An Ease To The Working Conditions

With the expansion and growth of technology, human race has witnessed 

the fourfold development in all fields of life; and as a result, we as 

humans have made efforts to overcome the drastic extremes of nature in 

tits and bits. Though we have not been able to conquer nature, still 

gone are the days when we used to curse the extreme weather conditions 

and were not able to find the ways to overcome extreme hot weather 

surroundings. A gadget has been coined up which gives you relieve and 

ease during the hot and sunny weather; and the credit for this goes to 

the immense development in technology. Branded as AC or Air 

Conditioners, these gadgets are being commonly found in the market; and 

are being broadly used in day to day life by most of us. From the 

introduction of the first ever model of AC, lots of changes has been 

visualized in technological arena as well as in HVAC circle too.

Uses of Air Conditioners

It is the continuous research and development by technocrats and 

R&D professionals, AC’s are not only doomed for cooling. These 

gadgets nowadays are known as HVAC Control Systems; HVAC Control 

Systems; as they actually help the consumers and end users in 

maintaining the humidity or temperature level of the premises (where 

ever it has been installed I.e. Workplace or home). You can find these 

cooling and ventilation equipments available in different models, 

shapes, sizes which you can pick up as per your need or requisition. 

Whether it is a shopping mall or a huge organization, you can find its 

presence. In short, its usage has been increased at a rapid pace, and 

you can find it in every nook and corner.

The Increasing Trend Of HVAC Control Systems

When installed, in the premises, these gadgets give you the comfort 

that you require during extreme weather conditions. Whether, extreme hot

or extreme cold, this gadget can make the environment of the interiors 

as per the requirements and physically accepted by the user. When the 

temperature is set on the exact level, will tremendously affect your 

performance, and you can attain positive results. This gadget has become

an essential part of all set of industries and even has become an 

essential commodity of your home.

In the industries and sectors where computers are the integral part of the office, these systems are 

of utmost importance; as they prevent excess heating of laptops, and PC’s; thus the damage to the machineries can be avoided.

When it comes to choosing the medium through which these gadgets should be 

contrived; through lots of research, manufacturers found aluminium metal

the best alternative among the heap of other mediums found in the 

earth’s crust. It is the attributes of the metal that makes it the 

practical and workable. Looking at the growing requirement of this 

utility equipment by all set of industrial and commercial domains, the 

number of HVAC Control Systems manufacturers is growing multifold.

You can take help of these manufacturers and suppliers while finalizing an HVAC Control Systems for yourself.

Arlington VA Bars That Are Fun!


Fun Bars to Party At!

If listening to live music or a Dj is what you are searching for then go no further, Mad Rose Tavern in Arlington Virginia offers an exciting multitude of music genres to choose from every week. Every Sunday Mad Rose has a party providing live entertainment with Dj’s that electrify their dance floors with notes from top 40 to trance. This party includes hookah specials, drink specials, and a fun atmosphere for Sunday Funday! Mad Rose is one of the best Bars in Arlington VA and shows it through the extravagant parties they throw week in and week out.

If having live music is not a selling point of this venue, then enjoy watching the Redskins, Capitals, Wizards or any other sports team on one of their many large 1080P LED flat screen televisions. They offer over 20+ beers on tap along with a delicious and creative cocktail menu that their bartenders have created in-house. If that is still not a complete package go out on their patio and enjoy the fresh air in the summer time while enjoying their delicious food and a hookah for desert.

In Arlington VA there are many bars that provide different atmospheres and cater to specific crowds, while Mad Rose succeeds at creating an environment that is attractive to multiple markets of customers. Attending Mad Rose on the weekend will surely change minds about the venue because of the amount of fun customers have while in the establishment.

Steelers Stomp Ravens

Pittsburg Steelers Win Against Baltimore Ravens

It is blatantly obvious that the Pittsburg Steelers have had a shaky start this season. They have had a lot to live up to, given their disappointing performance last season, and whilst they are not there yet, they triumphed over the Baltimore Ravens last Sunday.
The success has had a number of different factors linked to it, although it is most likely due to their dominance in the game, often holding their own with each possession. They began playing with the type of confidence that is usually found in the Bengals. The Steelers offensive running game has gotten significantly better than in the season prior; the offense now dominates the field due as they attain the cohesiveness they have been lacking.

Suisham Wins the Game

With the final score coming in at 19-16, it was definitely a close one. The winning goal came from Shaun Suisham. The play was a 42-yard kick, which both shocked and delighted fans of the Steelers. However, Suisham is not the only one worthy of credit. The entire team deserves credit as they worked as a coherent and capable able team, attacking the Ravens throughout the game. Whilst the Steelers are still 381 points below the Bengals, it will give the team and the fans a much needed boost in morale.

With the added momentum, now is a surefire time to buy Pittsburg Steelers Tickets online. The web offers the best experience for even the most elementary of computer users. After last week’s big “W”, it will be interesting to see if Pittsburg can keep up the momentum.

DeMarco Murray Injury Report

DeMarco Murray to Return Following an Injury

After missing out on the last two games with a sprained left knee, DeMarco Murray is looking to return to the Dallas Cowboys roster for this coming Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions. Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said on his weekly radio show that Murray and a few other injured players like Miles Austin ran very well during practice on Monday. This should be encouraging to those looking for fans holding Dallas Cowboys tickets.

Murray’s Road to Recovery

Murray practiced in shoulder pads during his Monday session and appeared to be very strong and productive on the field during his session. However, he wore sweat pants instead of standard football pants while practicing. This might have been done as a means of playing it safe so he will not get into any trouble while practicing.
He also got to perform in some individual drills during the start of the practice session. This is a step above Austin and Dez Bryant in that neither of those two took part in that part of the practice session.

The Cowboys Need Murray for Victory

There is a good potential that Murray will be the top running back for the Cowboys during Sunday’s game. Although Lance Dunbar has worked particularly well while filling in for Murray at running back, his own health status is questionable at this moment. Therefore, Murray’s return to the Cowboys could potentially come at the ideal time as the Cowboys take on a team with one of the toughest ground defenses in the league.
DeMarco Murray has been relatively productive this season. He has 4.7 yards per carry and three rushing touchdowns this season as well as 24 receptions. People looking for Dallas Cowboys tickets may be able to catch him in this Sunday’s game at Ford Field in Detroit as well as the Cowboys’ next home game. That game will be on November 3 and will be against the Minnesota Vikings.

Lebron Leaving Miami?

Will Lebron James Leave Miami?

The Miami Heat are expected to have another winning season this year, with all of their major players returning in uniform. Many are speculating that the Heat may win another championship this year, completing their three-peat. But there is also a bit of speculation about LeBron’s expiring contract in 2014. He will become a free agent, which means that he would be allowed to sign with any team of his choosing. Since he has already had such tremendous success with the Miami Heat, there seems little incentive for him to go. That won’t stop some of the top teams in the league from trying to lure him away.

No Contract Extension In Sight

There have been many speculating about why LeBron hasn’t yet signed an extension to his contract. Some people seem to think that he will just keep his options open until he can sign a better deal with the Heat next summer. But others are genuinely concerned about a few issues emerging with the Heat. Many have noted that teammate Dwyane Wade has been suffering some injuries over the past couple seasons with the team. It could be that LeBron is concerned that Wade won’t be able to stay healthy throughout the duration of his next contract signing with the Heat.

Back To Cleveland?

Some have even thought about whether LeBron would want to return to his hometown in Cleveland and reunite with his old fan base there. But right now, this is just speculation since there is no concrete evidence of this happening. For now, LeBron seems to be focusing on winning another championship with his team. If you are a fan of the team, you may want to buy Heat tickets online and come out to show your support. This could be the best way for fans in Miami to help ensure that LeBron sticks around for a long time to come.

Tough Road Ahead For Bruins

Why the Boston Bruins Have a Tough Time Ahead

It may be too early to call it, but it cannot be argued that the Boston Bruins have a tough schedule ahead of them. Despite winning six of the nine games they have played, the Bruins have not shown that they are at the top of their game, as they have been criticized for lacking enthusiasm and fire. Furthermore, their next couple of games could prove to be difficult, playing the Devils and the Penguins, who have both showcased an impressive start to the new NHL season. Whilst the Bruins have been accumulating a number of wins, they have struggled to hit the high numbers that the fans are so used to.

Iginla’s Performance Debatable

It has been argued that the Bruins may be set back due to Jarome Iginla having a slow start to the season. Iginla has been criticzed for scoring his goals in bunches, if at all. Fans who buy Boston Bruins tickets argue that although that he has been a positive influence on the team despite his lack of goals. If the Boston Bruins wish to uphold their reputation as one of the top dogs in the NHL, then they really ought to start playing catch up with their numbers. They are currently two points behind The Toronto Maple Leafs on the league table, and whilst this may not seem much of a difference, The Toronto Maple Leafs’ have a few relatively easy games ahead of them. If you want to see if the Boston Bruins can pull through and triumph the NHL league, then witness a game for yourself, research online ticketing agencies for the best prices in your area.

Best Sports Arenas in America


The Best Sports Arenas to Watch NBA Basketball Games

There are NBA fans throughout the league that enjoy supporting their favorite teams, so they will naturally want to go see them at some point. Some fans will want to travel to some of the top sports arenas for NBA games, because this can enhance the experience that they get out of the games. Think about whether you may want to buy NBA tickets online for some of the games played at these arenas. It can be one of the most exciting ways to experience the league from a fan’s perspective. This can also be your chance to actually see some of your favorite players on the court.

Witness Home of Your NBA Team

When you look for the top arenas around the league, you can add the United Center off of your list. This is the current home for the Chicago Bulls and was built during Michael Jordan’s era. This arena is spacious and has a considerable amount of history built in to it. This has made it one of the most storied centers in the league over the past couple decades. There are many fans who would also rank the Staples Center high on the list, because it plays host to both the L.A. Lakers and L.A. Clippers. The Lakers have won many championships playing in this building, so it has of course garnered a lot of praise as one of the premier arenas in the league.

Madison Square Garden is a Staple of the NBA

No list would be complete without Madison Square Garden in New York City. This arena is home to the New York Knicks, who have played here for decades now. This is one of the most famous arenas in the world, which adds to its prestige as well. There are many other great arenas in the league, including the Moda Center in Portland and the TD Bank Garden in Boston. As a fan, you will be able to get the chance to see these great arenas if you buy NBA tickets online.

NBPA President

Lebron James – President NBPA

LeBron James aka “King James” power forward for the Miami Heat National Basketball Association (NBA) has been known to do charity work throughout his career with both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. James, back in his hometown of Akron, Ohio has been there doing some Charity work for the LeBron James Family Foundation I PROMISE Family Reunion, was there donating backpacks, bicycles, and clothing for school uniforms.  According to James, he is thinking of taking the role of President of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), which is the labor union that represents NBA players started in 1954. This is currently a vacant Presidency, as Derek Fisher retired his position as President of the NBPA.

LeBron is taking on a huge responsibility if he actually does consider this position, as it requires a lot of time and effort for taking the position, he obviously feels confident in the ability to take this responsibility along with playing full time for the Heat, so buy Miami Heat Tickets online today! I think if LeBron did end up taking on this role as the President of the NBPA, he could really make some powerful moves for the players of the National Basketball Association and possibly prevent another issue of having a Lockout in their Sport and potentially interrupting another season. The NBPA is there for the players’ rights and protection to ensure they make enough money, considering these players have not always had the luxuries they have today.  Back when the NBPA was created, NBA players could not survive solely on the salaries they were making off playing basketball alone.

LeBron is not like a lot of other players and he is actually smart with his money.  Growing up and playing in the NBA at such a young age, he turned to his friends to help him with his financials, telling them to go to School and graduate if they wanted to work with him and his money.  He sent some of his friends to Law school, accounting, etc. and he continues give and donate and have charity events helping out kids who are in need. LeBron grew up without a father, which is probably why he is so passionate about helping kids in need.

The Problem With Performance Enhancing Drugs

Roger Clemens

Performance Enhancing Drugs & The MLB

The Major League Baseball (MLB) association has had numerous issues with steroids and HGH, considering Alex Rodriguez is now looking at a long ban from the League, along with 12 other players.  The final talks happened not long ago and Commissioner Bud Selig had stopped all negotiations.  Alex Rodriguez has never failed a drug test, and plans to not accept the 50-game ban most of the other 12 players are receiving.  This is a problem that they need to address or be faced with declining MLB tickets sales with dissatisfied fans. According to sources within Rodriguez’s circle, he is stepping up to fight the MLB in arbitration, and that he has no interest in a settlement.

In my opinion, performance enhancing drugs should get a permanent ban, not because of the health related issues, psychological issues, etc. but because it’s a rule they have set and they cannot shy away based on the popularity of a particular player.  A-Rod made the decision to take these performance enhancing drugs, what is the point of arguing and fighting with them?  It does not make sense to me how players these days can still think about taking a performance enhancing drug and think they can get away with it, with random screened drug tests on the regular by the administration officials. Again, they are going to get slammed with fans purchasing MLB tickets for sale online if they do not address the drug problem in professional baseball.

Financially, this issue will cost A-Rod $34.2 million dollars, and he also has $25 million that is supposed to be coming his way in 2014. A-Rod does not deserve that $34.2 million dollars, he made the choice to take performance enhancing drugs, if anything that money should be donated to a good charity instead of going back into the organization. The ball will not really go “that” much further, why risk the potential to make $34.2 million dollars, still hit the occasional home run that would, and work every single day possible. Proper diet and workout routine are critical in muscle gain, these guys were gaming the system and they got caught.

Office Space in DC for Professionals

Office Space is Imperative to Business

Professionals, especially entrepreneurs, are always wanting to put their “best foot forward,” when presenting themselves, their business, and their value in a business setting; this is most certainly true with office space and finding adequate space for rent. When looking for office space in DC for rent, whether it be for short-term or for long-term, the best way to start your search is to open your preferred browser on any device and search the market on Google. Once you have found the results of office space in Washington DC for rent in the local market, it’s time to discern the best result for your specific needs.

In order to determine which result best fits your business’ specific set of requirements, it is further essential to develop a list of essential and non-essential requirements, and then rank the essentials in order of most important to least important. It’s fundamental to the aforementioned prior to starting your search in order to keep your analysis as objective as possible when searching for office space for lease or rent. Once you have your results and your requirements built-out, and ranked in order of importance, you can then run through the list and find exclusive space available, or even find shared office space in Washington DC. Whatever your specific needs are, chances are, if you follow this strategy, your business will find exactly what it needs and do it very effectively.

Marketing Strategy


What is Marketing?

In today’s world of business, it’s essential to have assets both in the tangible and in the digital formats;, most importantly, that these myriad of assets work together in continuity to form efficient and harmonious structures. This structure model of assets is the foundation for the business to operate and run their enterprise. In the Digital Era, the most difficult component of this foundation is the marketing strategy and deciding which tools the enterprise will rely on to implement their custom marketing strategy. The key to success for any business is to have the right strategy to ensure that the tools reflect the wisdom of the marketing strategy itself. Therein lies the problem – there exists a plethora of strategies and a litany of tools to choose from. Further complicating the process, every expert in the world has their interpretation of the best strategies available and logical reasons to justify their position. To be sure, very few businesses are actually approaching their marketing and producing results with efficiency.

The most important aspect of any marketing campaign in the Digital Era is to have a very strong organic and natural approach with search engine optimization (SEO) built-in at the heart of everything that occurs in each channel of the marketing-mix. Further, by having an SEO digital marketing strategy as the heart of the business model, with active channels integrated throughout, businesses are able to attribute marketing spend to actual revenue. It’s essential to track every single dollar of the marketing budget directly to each point of revenue to understand how well those scarce resources are being spent, the successes of each campaign, and the impact to the overall business strategy itself. This inherent architecture of accountability will forever change the way that businesses compete and market their products and services online.  Most importantly, those businesses with the superior product will only truly succeed when they have the SEO digital marketing to support their sales ambitions.

The adage has commonly been stated, “The best business with the best product does not always win,” as the communication is established and maintained through each of the marketing channels used throughout the enterprise. Clearly stated, the company with the best marketing wins, not the company with the best product. Thus, it is imperative to have the best marketing model, modular in design, in place ready to scale as business activities grow and revenue continues to increase. Companies with superior marketing, such as Zappos!, have proved their models and expanded their activities to include new practices unseen by competitors throughout the market. These unique practices have provided companies such as Zappos! with revenue enhancements that have yielded incredible return on investments for their marketing spend. Therefore, it is essential to track the dollars that are spent, have proper reporting built into the business intelligence systems throughout the enterprise, and analyze the results of each campaign for the business strategy.

Lastly, in order to develop, architect, implement, and maintain the best and most efficient business strategy in 2013, the concentration must rest in the proper SEO digital marketing set-up for a foundation to build the online strategy and inbound marketing efforts. This foundation must consist of strong digital assets, with SEO used and applied through each of the content marketing channels, consisting of regular updates to signals throughout the Internet on a daily basis.  The most efficient business strategies use organic marketing on Google as their approach to SEO digital marketing, with the remainder of the search engines following the 800 pound gorilla founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. These strategies are further augmented with social media marketing, social bookmarking, press releases, and a variety of other SEO tools, technologies, and platforms.  This is the basis of the foundation necessary for basic SEO digital marketing and applicable to almost any company in 2013 and beyond.